Thursday, June 2, 2011

Can't you hear the quesadillas?

The other day Sam asked me if I liked her picture of a quesadilla.
I looked at the picture and told her I did.
I thought it a little strange that she was drawing a quesadilla.
Not too long later she was showing Greg the picture and told
him about how she drew
the quesadillas just like the ones she
heard outside in the trees.
Greg and I both busted out with laughter.
Her beautiful picture was of a cicada. Just like the ones we hear in our yard.
Of course we all say "Can you hear the quesadillas?" all the time now.

Adam and I had lunch together at a restaurant called Mexquite the other day.
He was talking about our lunch date to Sam and told her we had lunch at Mosquito.

Then just today he asked if he could go outside and ride his reindeer tractor.
We recently bought him a battery powered green and yellow tractor to help him get to the playset or anywhere else he wanted to go in the yard.

You guessed it!

It is not a reindeer tractor but a John Deere tractor.

These two keep us laughing!

Otherwise we might be crying.

I hope to pick up my blogging again soon.

I have just been too busy to find the time.

I had to blog about these two.

I don't want to forget the funny things they say.

And one more thing. We told Sam she was so smart. Her response...
"I'm not just smart... I'm K-mart smart!"
Maybe, just maybe she watches too much T.V.

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  1. I can imagine quesadillas coming off the line at taco bell
    yelling don't eat us as they are being handed to the customers.