Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adoption Friends

Both Joy and Angie have been my friends for a long time,
long before adoption entered our lives.

It has been so nice to have such close friends who have experienced the
joy I have with adoption.

I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when
one of my friends adopts a child.

It makes me so totally happy to be part of it and the thrill I get
from taking a small part of the journey with them is priceless.

I would be wealthy beyond belief if I could bottle it and sell it.

It seems unfair to keep it to myself so I am sharing with you!

This little princess is about to meet her forever mommy and daddy.

She also has brothers and sisters waiting to meet her.
They leave Wednesday to travel to China to bring her home.
You can follow their journey at

This little stinker is giving his new mommy and daddy a run for their money.
They are all in the Dominican trying to complete his adoption.
He is an adorable two year old with two older sisters who I am sure are spoiling him.

You can follow their journey at

I know both families would love for you to leave comments.
Those comments mean so much when you are in a foreign country trying to get home.
Please stop by and encourage them!

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  1. It really is the best thing in all the land, isn't it? Adoption makes my heart happy! Such a fantastic post!