Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Trip 2011

Let me start by saying that this post contains lots of bad quality photos.
The card in my big camera has been full for a month and still is.
I have been using my little camera and it just doesn't take good pics.
I will get around to reformatting the big camera as soon as life settles down.


Anyway, back in June we took our annual family vacation.
This year we went to Holden Beach.
Something new.

We left the day after we picked Stephen up from the airport after being sent home from the Academy. None of us were in very happy moods when we left but we made the best of it.
I did not take many pictures because of how we were feeling.

Greg and I spent a good portion of the vacation working to get info from the academy and trying to find Stephen a place to start college this fall.

Greg even went out one day to an office supply to store to buy a copier, printer, and fax machine so we could send the needed forms to schools. He would do just about anything to help Stephen find a place to go this fall, although at least one person has said it is not enough. Some people are just mean.
He is a great dad and would walk through walls for his kids.

I do have an update about Stephen. We are waiting for one more decision and hopefully I can post an update by Friday.

We do have some good memories from this years trip!

The kids cleaned up one (just one) night after dinner.

Almost everyone helped and I think it was a first at the beach
which is why I took so many pictures of it.

We caught them early in the week while they were still
fresh and they actually seemed happy to help.
Good times!

Mostly we just hung out in the sand playing on the beach.
The boys did some fishing and caught a couple of baby sharks.

The girls went shopping one day and my niece Emily and
I bought matching "Hey Ya'll "

One morning we woke up to find a Turtle Watch volunteer
marking a nest out in front of our cottage.

We learned so much about sea turtles from the volunteers.

This nest was below to highest waterline so it had to be moved.

The volunteers dug up the eggs and placed them in a cooler to be moved.

There were 109 eggs in all in the nest of this Loggerhead turtle.
We enjoyed each others company.

We went out to dinner to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

We gave them a picture of their senior prom and a recent picture of them framed together.
They have been together a long, long time!!!!

Looking forward to next year already!

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  1. Looks like a grand vacation. Hope you were able to relax a bit too despite all the craziness in your life. Hugs from the Murphy family:)