Monday, July 4, 2011

Choosing Joy

This blog was meant to be our family scrapbook in a way.
A place to record our memories.

Well part of our family journey includes some hard times.
Memories that we would love nothing more than to forget.

However if we block the hard stuff from our memory we may miss an opportunity
to learn and grow closer to each other and to God.

So what has been learned?

For one our joy is not dependent on our circumstances.

True joy comes from knowing and loving God.

A God who knows and sees and understands all things.

A God who told us we would have trouble in this world but He came to overcome the world.

So we choose joy over circumstance.

He is an excerpt from a book I have been reading.

We tend to think of joy as something that ebbs and flows depending on life's circumstances.
But we don't just lose joy, as though one day we had it and the next it's gone. Joy is something we have to choose and then work for. Like the ability to run for an hour, it doesn't come automatically. It needs cultivation.
When life gets painful and doesn't go as we hoped, it's okay if our joy seeps away. The Bible teaches that true joy is formed in the midst of the difficult seasons of life.

Francis Chan- Crazy Love

Saying goodbye at the airport

Going away party.

Preparing his head for the academy.
Wishing instead we had wrapped him in bubble wrap!

Life is more than where you go to school, or the injuries both physical
and emotional that you may receive along the way.

It is all part of the journey that leads to something far greater.

My sweet grandmother made it through some tough few years physically and emotionally and now has received her "something far greater".

The night Stephen was sent home from the academy my grandmother went to heaven.

She exchanged the pain of this world for perfect peace.

She knew Jesus well on this earth.

Now she knows him perfectly, face to face.

Choosing joy and choosing to see God's glory in the events of the past couple of weeks!

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