Monday, July 25, 2011

Crafty! Not!

I love to try new things!

However, I am not always good at the things I try.

Over the years I have tried various crafts, sewing, needle point, painting,
refinishing, you name it.

I have learned one thing for sure.

I am not crafty!

My children of course love crafts!!!

To me they are messy and a lot of work.

I decided to let them do crafts until their hearts content this summer.

Here is what they have done so far.

They have painted bird houses, pottery, and one other piece of their choice.

Here they are with all there crafts so far.

We also have all the things we need to decorate T-shirts next weekend.
They each picked out iron-ons and glitter and numbers and whatever they needed
to make their t-shirt their own!

Those of you who know me well are laughing I am sure.

At least I am trying!

Stephen did fine today getting his wisdom teeth out. He is resting and recovering.

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