Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wisdom Teeth and Wishes

Stephen had his wisdom teeth out.
This is him three days out and starting to feel a little better.

He is never without his texts.
It is what has gotten him through three days of doing nothing.

Last night Adam and I had a chance to help
out at a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish.
Adam received a letter from the Panthers requesting an
appearance just as the players receive for speaking engagements.
He was so excited.

His good friend Amy from Make- A-Wish was there.
We shared our story and what it has meant to our family with those who were there.
We hope if helped raise lots of money so other kids can experience what Adam did.

It was fun to relive our wish.
We showed everyone the newspaper articles, the autographed balls and helmets, and the pictures from our fabulous wish weekend.

As far as what it means to our family, well it is hard to put into words.

What I shared is that for families that deal with chronic medical issues
it is a huge part of your daily life. It is something both the child and parents deal
with on a daily basis. There are always surgeries, procedures and treatments to coordinate.
Just when one is completed there is another on the horizon.
From small issues of how to travel around town and school issues to
major issues of quality of life and long term health issues, it is always there.

For a child to receive a wish means for that moment
in time you are no longer focused on those issues.

It is a moment in time that there is nothing but smiles.
Memories being made, memories that you carry with you that
get you through the hard times.

For us Adam had a wish that no matter how much I wanted to make that happen for him it just wouldn't have been possible without the people from Make-A-Wish.

He not only is a football player but a pro -player.
Adam believes with all his heart he is a Carolina Panther.

Thanks to Make-A-Wish!

On the way home from the fundraiser he said "So mom when is my next game?"

We had to break the news to him that Cam Newton got his number.

He said it was o.k. if Cam wanted to use his number one jersey.

They are tight like that!

We are looking forward to the season!

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  1. Great update and funny quotes (by Adam)! So glad he is able to help support other kids via Make-A-Wish. He looks great in the jersey, and I guess since I haven't really followed an NFL team in years, I'd better start being a Panthers fan.

    Great to see Stephen, and hope the extraction recovery is quick. I continue to pray about the situation with USAFA and his future plans. I'm still sad about that, I must say.

    Thanks for your prayers and encouragement on our blog. They are always timely and needed...

    in Christ, Adam (and Robin) Spitler