Monday, August 15, 2011

Adam Update -Part 2

We are so excited to be Back to Football!

No one is as excited as Adam.

Ever since he was drafted he truly believes he is a Panther.

The Carolina Panthers are a top notch organization on every level.

Adam welcomed Cam Newton to his team and even
agreed to share his # 1 jersey with Cam.

Adam was invited to a practice last week.

We hung out on the sidelines watching his team get ready for the season.

That's Cam wearing #1.

The players are all so nice and remember Adam.

After a long practice they still stop to talk and sign his football.

Danny Morrison stopped by.

So did Coach Rivera.

DeAngelo Williams is one of my favorites. He is so nice to Adam.
Here he is teaching him to fist pump then "Blow it Up!".

Jimmy Claussen gave Adam his towel.

Cam was walking up the hill and yelled Adam's name from far away.
No kidding!

He loved Samantha and talked with her for awhile then signed her shirt.

He signed Adam's football.

Then he asked Adam for his autograph.
Actually Adam signed three autographs that night.
Cam is such a nice kid. We really like him and we are glad he is a Panther!
Did you see them win the first preseason game?
We won 20 to 10 over the NY Giants.
It is going to be a fun season.

Adam is not only a football player, he now plays basketball.

He is on a team called the Rolling Bobcats.

He has a coach and teammates.

He had a blast at his first practice.

He just loves being part of a team.

Who wouldn't love this?

Adam has such a fun life.

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  1. So cool!!! Adam has the best life ever...and he deserves every minute of it:) Give him hugs from Florida please!!!

  2. That is so cool!!! We are an Auburn family, so glad to have Cam here in Clt. now. My 8-year old daughter was literally dancing around the living room when Cam went out on the field on Saturday night and has taken to cutting all of his pictures out of the newspaper.