Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gotcha Day Reunion- Part 2

Saturday afternoon we went to a Chinese acrobat
show called Cirque de Chine.

It was amazing!

Sam and Ruby both wore their Chinese outfits.

Funny thing is both these girls fell asleep during the show.

It was in a beautiful theater.

The cast of the show was in the lobby after it was over.
They really are fantastic performers!

After the show we went out for Mexican (more eating), and
then on go carting.

Adam rode a mini drop zone ride.
Look at his face.

He is the happiest kid I have ever known.

He loves life!

He really enjoys whatever we do!
We were at the park until about 10:30 and eventually he
and Sam had a meltdown. They we so tired!
I can't blame them. We kept them moving!

Sunday morning we spent at the pool before heading home.

It was a fantastic trip.

As always I am so thankful God not only brought us Samantha...

He also gave us our dear friends the Lane's

Happy (almost) Gotcha Day Sam and Ruby!

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