Thursday, August 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Shortly after midnight on July 29th a large crowd had gathered at the airport.
Why in the world would we all be up at midnight?

It was time to welcome home the Hubers and their new addition.

If you have never witnessed and adoption homecoming I highly recommend it.
Even at midnight!

I actually recommend it on both sides.
There is nothing like the feeling of arriving home to all those gathered
to welcome your new little one.
I remember with Samantha saying I just didn't want the moment to end.
How many moments in your life do you wish would last forever?
Not many.

They are all home safe, sound, and together forever.

God has blessed both of our families with beautiful children!

Welcome Home Doug, Joy, and all the Huber children.

Hopefully very soon I will be headed back to the
airport for another long awaited homecoming!

Praying it is very soon!


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