Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A New Chapter

We have turned the page to a new chapter.

We took our firstborn to college last week.

We helped him settle in as much as we could.

He had his first college class yesterday.

We have received one text from him since last Friday.
He said he was very happy.
What more could we ask for?
(good grades might be one thing)

While we were at ECU I introduced him to a special place.
I was once a Pirate too so I do know a little bit.
Cubbies Cheesesteak is a must!

We had lunch there before we left.
Both Greg and Stephen agreed it was great!
In Stephen's text he told us he has already eaten there again.
Just like the good ol' days.

More new chapters are coming to our home.
I am just trying to keep up!


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