Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gotcha Day: 5 Years!!!

September 4th 2006

It was the best day!

Gao Shao Gan was so scared and so sweet.
In this picture I am wearing a blue bracelet I tied on my wrist during a
Bible Study called believing God by Beth Moore.
It was a reminder of what we were believing God was doing in our life.
I wore it for two years trusting God that he would bring this little girl home.
I have it safely put away to be pinned under her wedding gown as her "something blue".

Our first moment together caught by C.J.

Audrey Kate was so happy to be a big sister.

Everyone was crying and so happy.

What is this little one thinking of her new mommy?

Daddy was in love with her and still is!

The Chinese Character around my neck means mother and daughter.

Thank you God for the gift of Samantha.
She is sweet, loving, smart, spunky, in charge, a great helper, a little mama, a pleaser, happy, silly, a great dancer, strong and a treasure to us!

I will update later this afternoon with photos from our day.
P.F. Changs and lots of pictures are to come!

Happy Gotcha Day my Sammy girl.
I just couldn't imagine my life without you!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. OH how precious! Gotcha Days are just the best!

  2. Have a lovely day celebrating and remembering.

  3. I am sure that it seems like just yesterday, but also at the same time that she has been with you forever.

  4. Such joy!!! What a wonderful day! Happy Gotcha day!

  5. Happy anniversary of your Gotcha Day!

  6. Happy Gotcha Day!!! This December will be our 5 year Gotcha Anniversary <3
    Here from Sunday Snapshot.