Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

The weekend started off like most others.
We had a middle school football game for AK.

Right after that we changed from our orange and blue to our purple and gold!

We headed down to Bank of America Stadium for the Pirates game.

We just can't get away from football.

Stephen came home to join in the fun.

The team looked great and we thought they might win.

They were leading at the half.

They ended up losing but I would say the fans had a great time anyway.

We are the Pirates of E-C-U hey!

Sunday was Gotcha day and we had Chinese food for lunch.
Adam was very upset that the day was all about Sam and wanted to know when it would be all about him.

Samantha on the other hand loved all the attention.

And soaked it all up on her special day.

Later on Sunday we played tennis.

We needed to work off some of that chocolate cake.

Sammy was our ball girl.

Every now and then Greg would give her a mini lesson.

We played doubles with Stephen and his girlfriend Megan.

Stephen is safely back at school.

We had a great weekend together!!!

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