Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sam's Pony Party

I'm playing catch up again.
This was supposed to be my Sunday Snapshot but here it is Tuesday afternoon.
I have just enough time to blog before it is time for piano, orthodontist appointment, basketball workout, horseback riding and a meeting at the middle school.
Should be done around 8:00.
We will throw dinner and baths into the mix and call it a day!

Samantha enjoyed her week long long B-day celebration.
We kicked it off with a fun card from the fabulous Miss Anne.
Samantha loved it!

Later that day we had dinner on the porch, mac and cheese of course!

The long awaited DS made it's appearance.
It didn't stay in the box long and then we never heard from Sam for the rest of the night.
We finally found the secret to keeping her quiet.

These are the cutest cowboy and cowgirl I have ever seen!!

Saturday was Sam's pony party.

Cute jeans!!

We had so much fun and the weather was so cool.
We started a fire outside and just hung out while the girls rode the pony and played games.

The birthday crew.

Blue was such a sweet pony.

Mr. Greg took everyone on a hayride.
Next to the pony this was the favorite activity.
When they came back all the kids were saying "Howdy Ya'll".

Time for cake...

...and presents.

Her special friend, born in the same province of China, adopted to a family
5 minutes from us and in the same kindergarten class.
I hope they are friends for a long long time.

What a fantastic day we had.
When everyone left she came up to me and thanked me for the party.
She said I was the best mom and she loved her party.

I love you too and you are the best Sammy!!!

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