Friday, September 16, 2011

So much to blog.... little time

Last week Adam was invited to a breakfast club meeting.

There were some movers and shakers there.

Like Sir Purr...

and Hugh McColl....

and former Panther players.

Adam took his seat for breakfast.
It was hard to eat when everyone wants to talk to you.
During breakfast Adam announced he needed more grits.
One of those former Panther players jumped up and got him a plate full of grits.
No kidding!!

But Adam was there for a job.

His job was to introduce Mr. Richardson.
Known to Adam as Cam's boss.
So Sir Purr carried him up and he did his job "Mr. Richardson, please join us on stage".
Nice job Adam!

Check out his face.... He loves the Top Cats!
Almost as much as he loves Sir Purr!

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  1. Love that little superstar!!!!!!