Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Blessing

Last night was such a blessing to us.

We hosted our friend Naphtaly Mattah all the
way from Mfango Island in Lake Victoria.

He came to Charlotte to continue his work translating the bible
to the language of the Suba people.

It took 20 years to complete but last Spring the Suba
people finally had a bible in their own language.

Realizing some people could not read their own language he came back to JAARS to record an audio version of the bible. His people will have it to listen to if they are unable to read.

The word dedicated comes to mind when I think of Naphtaly.

He was also given a vision to help the children of Mfangano Island
that have been orphaned losing their parents to AIDS.

He runs a school called Gethsemane Garden Christian Center.

He cares for over 500 children there.

He and his staff educate them, teach them about AIDS and how to prevent it, and most importantly teach them about the love of a heavenly father.

It is a privilege to be involved with this work and to know Naphtaly.

We gathered last night to hear more of the stories of the children.

It is always compelling and leaves us knowing there is so much to do, so many needs.

I grabbed my camera at the end of the evening.
The sight of Adam, Naphtaly and Sir Purr on the den floor was just needing to be captured!

The three of them were drawing pictures.

Naphtaly quoted scripture in the Suba language.

He taught us several greetings in his language.

It was a blessed evening for all who were there!

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