Saturday, October 8, 2011

Too much of a good thing!

The other night we dining on the porch.
The weather here in Charlotte has been perfect and our back
porch is the perfect spot to enjoy this weather.

I was serving Chicken Squares which is shredded chicken,
mixed with cream cheese rolled in a crescent roll.

C.J. announce at the table "This is the third time this week
that we have had something rolled up in a crescent roll".

O.K. I have to admit that advertising works on me.

I saw the commercials for the hot dogs wrapped in
crescent rolls with a slice of cheese in them.
I thought the kids would love them!

So I made them twice in a week.

Then with the leftover rolls I made chicken squares.

Greg said "Your mother is all about cooking around a theme
and this week's theme is crescent rolls".

I told him I always have one theme and that is to feed all of you!!!


Pillsbury, thank you for all the wonderful ideas on how to feed my family.
They are so appreciative!

Could you please show me what else can be wrapped up in a crescent roll?

I am sure they will LOVE it!

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