Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Celebration and Preparation

Adam's class had a Thanksgiving Celebration last week.

They sang cute songs.

They told what they were thankful for.

Here he is with his sweet teacher.
It was so fun.

I am certain I left the celebration and went to the grocery store.

This is one of about 6 trips I have made.

I have made 3 trips today alone.

10 lbs of potatoes

Equally as many sweet potatoes

One 16 lb turkey and a turkey breast.

2 hams


Green beans

Several pies


two other side dishes

and this is just what I am making.

My mom and sister are contributing also.

This is no rinky-dink meal.

I am serving 19 people including my football playing nephew
and he counts as at least two people.

This is not for amateurs.

Not the cooking or the eating!

So let the cooking, cleaning and table decorating begin!!!!

Check back Friday for pictures of our Thanksgiving.

I will be too busy to post between now and then.

Right now I am thankful to God for the resources to purchase
the food and the energy to throw it all together!

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  1. wowza - can't wait to see the pictures. happy thanksgiving! xo