Sunday, November 6, 2011

Play ball!

I know. I have been absent.

Truthfully I have been way to busy to blog.

This post is actually the result of sitting down to the computer on three different days.

Pitiful. I will try to do better.

We had a blast this weekend at the Rolling Bobcats
Basketball tournament.

There were chairs everywhere. If you didn't use a chair to move
around you were in the minority.
The everyday chairs lined the walls while the kids used the sports chairs for competition.

Adam was nervous.

He wasn't sure about competing with the older kids.

He was the youngest kid at the whole tournament.

But if there is one thing my boy gets that is competition.

He loved the huddle.

And cheering on his team mates.

He wanted the ball all the time.

He loves Coach Mike...

and Coach Lottie!

His good buddy Anna played great too.

She passed him the ball.

He caught it and took a shot.

What a wonderful time he had.

This will linger in our memories always.

The kids are so supportive of each other.

They get the daily struggles each faces.

I hope this is always a part of our lives!

These are the sports stories that deserve media coverage.

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  1. Yes--those ARE the stories that deserve the media attention! How wonderful for Adam to be part of that team!! He's such a champion! Give him big hugs from Florida!! And tell him to keep taking his Juice Plus:)

    Love you guys--
    The Murphy family