Sunday, November 13, 2011

A rare treasure!

Everyone should be so blessed.

Recently I was able to spend a weekend at Seabrooke near Charleston.

The view was fabulous.
The sunrise was beautiful.

The wild life was abundant.
Yes, that is the alligator that lives in the back yard.

And the deer that lives across the street.

But these girls are the real reason I am so blessed.

God brought us together about 8 years ago for women's bible study.
We are from different churches.
Some protestant, some Catholic.

We are working moms and stay at home moms.
We are from different political parties.

We have large families and small families.
A few of us are adoptive parents.

We read and study God's word together.
We have prayed each other through some rough times.
And rejoiced with each other through some joyous times.

Kim and I have been friends since I was 18 years old.
She first invited me to join the group.

If you are so blessed to have this in your life hold on to it.

It is a rare treasure indeed!

A few of our girls were missing from this trip.
Trying to find a weekend 14 busy moms can get away is challenging.
Angie is still in the Dominican Republic.
Brooke has a successful photography business and was booked for the weekend.
Heather had company in town.
Julie has a new baby.
Deanna had family obligations.

I am looking forward to next get away already!

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