Saturday, November 12, 2011

Terrific Kid!

I am getting ready to brag about one of my kids.
Read on if you want to.

She's a terrific kid!
We've always known that.
Now others are starting to notice too.

Samantha was selected from her class as the terrific kid for the month of October.
The local Kiwanis clubs recognizes terrific kids at a breakfast each month.
We go to a great school full of terrific kids and as the principal said it is quite a distinction to be
pulled out of such a group as the best of the best.

But that is what my Sammy girl is.
The best.

This month's characteristic was creativity.

Her teacher wrote about how she uses creativity to solve problems in the classroom.
She was described as a leader.
She also told about how creative her stories are with a clear beginning, middle and end.

Way to go Sammy. We are so proud of you!

As I was sitting there my eyes filled with tears.
Not because I was so proud. I was.
But because I was thinking about how this girl started her life.
I was thinking about all she has overcome.
I was thinking about how her birth mother has no idea how smart and wonderful she is.

And of course this led me to think about all the little gems still waiting for their forever families.

Every single one of them is a terrific kid just waiting for someone to notice.

Yep, all of that from that one breakfast!

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  1. And now I have tears in my eyes thinking of the same things. What beauty. And at the same time, some sadness for those left behind. Congrats Sam:)