Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

This was the most unusual Christmas Eve we have ever had.

It may look like we went to a Panther's game from the pictures.
And we did.
But it was for a very special reason.
The Panther's surprised Make- a -Wish with a very special gift.

Santa was there for the celebration.
Adam told him some last minute gift ideas.

Santa told the teenagers something funny.
At one point I heard Santa say he wished Mrs. Clause would
empty her 401K to buy him a sports car.
Really Santa?

These three very special wish kids are doing the Superman Cam dance.
They all went on the field at half time for the presentation.

Sir Purr in his Santa outfit.

Adam's wish story was retold on the jumbo screen during half time.

Then he walked out on to the field with Top Cats and Sir Purr and
the fans cheering him on.
Actually the fans roared when he was introduced.

What kid would not love this? This is what most 6 year old boys dream of.
I was reduced to tears watching my boy live his dream.

Here they are on the jumbo screen as the surprise was revealed.

Cam was heading back to the field after half and stopped to talk to the kids.

The top cats came to our suite.
They are always a huge hit with Sam.

And the boys too.

And this is the surprise. The Panther's chose Make -A -Wish for the Fan Gift this year.
One dollar for every seat in the stadium.

We were so happy they asked us to be part of the surprise.

It was the best Christmas Eve.

I am sure it was the first and probably last time we
will spend Christmas Eve
at a football game.

We left there and went straight to Candlelight Service at church.
While we were sitting in church I looked down and realized
I was still wearing my Panther's beads. OOPS!

It truly was a memorable evening.

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