Sunday, December 11, 2011


The Thomas Family is finally home!

It was a 6 month in-country stay.

Their agency had told them 60 days maximum stay.

God's plans are not always our plans.

This morning I attended our church Christmas concert.

Prior to the start of the service a man behind us was talking about the adoption dedication service we had a couple of weeks ago. He was talking about how moved he was by the service
and by one couple that had waited 12 years to have a child.
He compared it to leaves falling off the tree in the fall and how sometimes once the leaves are all gone you can see what was there all along.
Maybe what was hidden was a beautiful view.
Maybe what was hidden was a run down old house.
Nevertheless it was revealed in time.
It reminded me of Alex's adoption.
Revealed in time.

Later in the service today one of those couples who dedicated a child gave a testimony
about their adoption experience and how a life yielded to God's will brings blessing.

It brought them 4 beautiful children through adoption.

All I could think about were the unexpected blessings in my own life and in those of my friends who have yielded their desires to God's.
It can sometimes lead to hard places, like a 6 month in- country stay.
But God does not leave us in hard places.
My friend summed it up in her post.

While we were celebrating the birth of Jesus today at church I thought about how that one event, the birth of a Saviour, changed so many lives.

It is out of our love for Him and our gratitude to Him that we yield our hearts and lives to His will.

And then children like Alex, once orphaned, find their forever families.

Here is my friend chasing Alex through the airport.
This is after he climbed up onto the baggage claim conveyor belt.
This picture is called "No Gym Needed".

And here she is afraid he will hit her with the flag.
These last two pictures make me laugh.
I love God's sense of humor.
My dear friend in her mid- forties, a girly- girl, the mother of two girly-girls
is now parenting this adorable, full of life and energy two year old boy.

To God be the glory!

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful post. I loved seeing everyone as we came down the escalator. No words can describe it.

    So glad you think those last 2 pictures are funny. I am so not there yet.

    Love you.