Friday, January 27, 2012

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Playing Catch Up ...AGAIN!

Anyway, a few weeks ago our church celebrated

Sanctity of Life Sunday.

We filled the Galleria with organizations that have to
do with Orphan Care, Foster Care and Adoption.

My little helpers at the adoption table.

Adam and his friend Rachel. They were comparing wheels.

These little cuties were all set for Chinese New Year.
Sarahmei would not smile for me.
So we bribed her with candy.

Here is the sweet result!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gotcha day/ 7 seconds/ twins

Two years ago we became Adam's parents.
He called us Mama and Baba that day for the first time.
He was so brave, just shy of his fourth birthday.
We had an instant connection.
We adored him and he seemed very happy to be with us.
He spoke Mandarin. We did not.
It didn't matter.
He was ours and we were his.
It was like someone had planned this day since before time began.

Do you believe it?

We do!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Adam.

We love you so much!

Yesterday for the first time ever Adam stood unassisted on his own two feet.
He is in physical therapy every week.
One of his goals is to walk with crutches/canes instead of a walker.
His hips are very wobbly because neither is in joint.
He has been working on his hip and core strength.
His first try he stood for 1 second and fell.
The second try was for three seconds then he fell.
The third try was for seven seconds.








I saw him stand for the first time alone.
Not holding on.
No one holding him up.
I cried.
It is a small miracle.
He is one step closer to his goal.

He inspires me!

The other night we went out for Mexican food.

Adam LOVES guacamole except he calls it
He thinks because it is green it has broccoli in it.

Anyway, I LOVE guacamole too.

I said to him "Adam you are just like your mama, you love Mexican food as much as I do."

He said "Yeah we are twins."

Then he gave me a fist pump and blew it up.

He's so cool like that.

My little Chinese dude loves Mexican food. Just like me.

Then he told me he wished he could be a knight in shining armor and rescue a beautiful girl.

"I want to rescue a girl just like you mom."

Sometimes I wonder how I get so lucky to be his mom.

I adore him and I am so glad God spoke to my heart about him.

I am so happy God gave us the courage to get on the plane.

Life is so much better with him here.

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Happy New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the year of the Dragon.

What a busy weekend we had with two birthdays,
Sanctity of Life Sunday at church, Chinese New Year and
the two year anniversary of meeting Adam.

I have more posts to come this week to cover it all.


Friday, January 20, 2012

The Birthdays

Happy 19th Birthday Stephen.

I am so sad we are not together today.

Let's take a trip down memory lane.

Here we are heading to China 2006.

And this is Disney 2005.

I hope you get a laugh over your "I refuse to smile " stage.
Do all 11 year old boys go through this?
Anyway, it makes me laugh now.

We are so proud of the person you are becoming.
God has his hand on you.

And what does the Lord require of you?
Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God.
Micah 6:8

Seven years later on the same day
we said hello to this bundle of goodness.

Happy 12th birthday Audrey Kate.

You have always been like a ray of sunshine to us.

You are always happy.

I mean ALWAYS!!!!

You are such a joy to us and we love watching you grow.

We love who you are.

You are beautiful inside and out.

Happy Birthday to both of our babies!

You are not babies anymore.

You both make us so proud.

Audrey Kate's photos are by Brooke Brown Photography

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

It wasn't me!

I wonder sometimes if people read this blog and think what a crazy life we have?
If you haven't thought that before, this post surely will make you think so.
I have posted about our hamster before.

Actually that was our old hamster Allie.
She was sweet.

Our new hamster Tangerine is another story

"It wasn't me!"

Someone put these tiny holes in my daughter's jeans.

Yes folks, the hamster ate holes in my daughter's jeans.

Seriously, how many of you can say that?

Her cage is near the washer in the laundry room and these jeans
were just close enough for her midnight entertainment.

Audrey Kate wants to start a business called "Tangerine Jeans".
You send us your jeans, we'll let Tangerine have her fun and you will get back
an original pair of "Tangerine Jeans"!

We washed them and the next day she wore the hamster hole jeans to school.

Top that!

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Before and After

I showed you the condition of the room before but I never showed the after.

It actually looked pretty good when we were done with it several hours later.

However, our hard work has all been undone.

He has moved to a new room.

Unfortunately, the other half of this room was still a disaster and difficult to live with.

We requested a new room for Stephen and his friends helped him move
Tuesday night.

We will see his new room in a couple of weeks.

Good news is he is happy and loving being at Carolina!

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Monday, January 9, 2012

College- Take 3

A new semester... why not a new school?

To catch up on Stephen's college journey you can read this, and this and this.

This was Stephen's side of the room when we walked in.

So we spent a good amount of time cleaning up.

Samantha loved chasing the squirrels on campus.

Headed to Franklin Street

I'm sure Stephen loved having all his siblings, mom and dad, and grandparents help him move in.

One last trip to Lowe's

Last minute setting up

He is settled in and ready for a new adventure.

Go Falcons!
I mean Go Pirates!
I mean Go Tarheels!

Sorry, just trying to keep up!

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