Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gotcha day/ 7 seconds/ twins

Two years ago we became Adam's parents.
He called us Mama and Baba that day for the first time.
He was so brave, just shy of his fourth birthday.
We had an instant connection.
We adored him and he seemed very happy to be with us.
He spoke Mandarin. We did not.
It didn't matter.
He was ours and we were his.
It was like someone had planned this day since before time began.

Do you believe it?

We do!!!

Happy Gotcha Day Adam.

We love you so much!

Yesterday for the first time ever Adam stood unassisted on his own two feet.
He is in physical therapy every week.
One of his goals is to walk with crutches/canes instead of a walker.
His hips are very wobbly because neither is in joint.
He has been working on his hip and core strength.
His first try he stood for 1 second and fell.
The second try was for three seconds then he fell.
The third try was for seven seconds.








I saw him stand for the first time alone.
Not holding on.
No one holding him up.
I cried.
It is a small miracle.
He is one step closer to his goal.

He inspires me!

The other night we went out for Mexican food.

Adam LOVES guacamole except he calls it
He thinks because it is green it has broccoli in it.

Anyway, I LOVE guacamole too.

I said to him "Adam you are just like your mama, you love Mexican food as much as I do."

He said "Yeah we are twins."

Then he gave me a fist pump and blew it up.

He's so cool like that.

My little Chinese dude loves Mexican food. Just like me.

Then he told me he wished he could be a knight in shining armor and rescue a beautiful girl.

"I want to rescue a girl just like you mom."

Sometimes I wonder how I get so lucky to be his mom.

I adore him and I am so glad God spoke to my heart about him.

I am so happy God gave us the courage to get on the plane.

Life is so much better with him here.

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  1. Oh, Jennifer. You have me bawling over here. What treasured memories. We have them, too. We are celebrating Adam's HUGE accomplishment with you!!!! And please tell him that the Murphy family loves mexican food, too!!!

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Adam!
    You are such a treasure and the Thomas family is crazy about you! :-)
    Ms. Angie

  3. He is so handsome!!! He is so courageous and he inspires me!!!