Saturday, February 18, 2012

Her thing!

Audrey Kate and her friend Arah after a long sleepless night at
the Middle School youth- group Lock-In.

I was a little worried putting her on a horse after she told me she didn't sleep at all.

But this is her thing and she is good at it.
Even with no sleep.

In the walk, trot, canter division she was division Champion after
taking first in Equitation and second in Pleasure and Under Saddle.

Then she went on to take first in Cross Rails three times.

She is in love with this horse named Blaze.
His show name is Sock it to 'Em.
Watch out daddy, she's got it bad for this horse!

He did so well for her today.

She finished as division Champion for Beginner Rider division also!

Way to go AK.

This is definitely your thing!

We were supposed to go on to Adam's party today at Sports Connection.

We had to cancel it.

Poor guy is so sick.

He has what has been going around his classroom.
It was so bad that one day this week only 5 students out of 18 were at school.
We thought he had escaped it.

Pray he feels better soon and the rest of us are safe too.

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  1. only 5 out of the class at school?! wowza!! love seeing the AK action shots!!