Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mama's Baby or Daddy's Girl

The other day Sam told me she was going to "try out" being a Daddy's girl.
I took this to mean she would try doing everything with with Daddy, following him around, asking him a million questions, being his helper and generally not leaving his sight.

Kind of like she does with me.

I also took this to mean this was purely on a trial basis.
She needed to try it out before she committed completely to being Daddy's girl.

She's Kmart smart.

She's going to weigh all her options before jumping in all the way.

At the end of the weekend I said "Sam, you really are becoming a daddy's girl."

She grabbed my leg with a look in her eye that told me the real answer.

She said "I am always going to be Mama's baby!"

We assured her she could be both Mama's baby and Daddy's girl.

I think she bought it but the way she squeezed my leg let me know
that deep down inside she considered herself Mama's Baby.

That makes Sam and me very happy!

Sorry Daddy!

Maybe next month.

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  1. oh my word - that is just the sweetest! made me tear up.