Monday, February 6, 2012

Rollin' Bobcats- my favorite team

You know we are a football loving family.
And it is the day after Superbowl Sunday.
However my new favorite team is the
Rollin' Bobcats of Charlotte, NC!

They are the most inspiring team you will ever meet.

My favorite Rollin' Bobcat is #1 Adam Smith

Last week's tournament was in Smithfield, NC.

Adam got the ball several times.

And actually took some shots.
He uses every muscle in his body to shoot the ball.

My favorite thing about this team is how they all look out for each other.
I mentioned before that they just seem to have a deep
understanding of the struggles each faces.
One of our players has a hard time using his arms.
The kids help him get on and off the court.
Here Adam is pushing him off the court.
It made me cry. Are you surprised?
They are SO inspiring to be around.

Adam's whole family came out to watch him.

All his cousins, aunt and uncle, grandparents and siblings were there.
We picked up Stephen from UNC on the way.

So if you are ever feeling bad about yourself, or
you just need a little inspiration....

Find a wheelchair basketball team and go support them.
As an able body person, you will be in the minority.
You will see great sportsmanship and loads of determination.

Coach Mike goes over the play with Adam during a free throw.

Congratulating the other team.

They all had fun and played great.

The next tournament is February 24th. in Nashville,

We will not be able to go to that tournament because of a prior engagement.

It is a very special engagement. I will be speaking.

Adam needs a suit and I need a cocktail dress.

More about that later!

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  1. Adam and his teammates INSPIRE me!

  2. Speechless. How beautiful. What an inspiration...

  3. Way to go Adam! Your future looks bright with the Rollin Bobcats!

  4. Awesome recap! We love having Team Adam at the games! love the support.

    Coach Mike