Monday, February 13, 2012

Secret Agents!

Our mission?

Saturday night we were to deliver this cake to the hostess stand at the
restaurant where C.J. and Megan were dining.

We could not be detected!
Top secret mission.

So we headed out in our secrect agent vehicle.

Stopping only to feed the young recruits.

Secret agents are tough.

They do not smile.
They take their mission very seriously.

Getting ready to deliver the package.

The drop off point.

Here is the record of our successful mission.

Secret agents-Been delivered they know where you are!


Secret agents- Tell us what she says.

C.J.- YES!

Congratulations C.J. and Megan!

We hope you have a wonderful time at the prom.

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  1. How neat! Prom already. Wow time flies....

  2. ok, that is adorable!!! love that you were a part of the action. can't even imagine how this son of yours will propose to his future bride someday! :)