Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taking it easy?

Aspen, Colorado

Dear Honey,

Remember how you told me you were going to take it easy this year?
After all this is the trip that left you with the lacerated and bleeding spleen last year.
Remember how it almost killed you?

So when you call me and tell me you went on the hike up only slope,
that is was un-groomed, and the side of it was a straight drop down,

I get a little nervous.

I mean thanks for the pictures.
But is this really the easiest slope you could find?

I know how you love adventure but..

remember your knee surgery 5 months ago.
And how you weren't going to ski in the trees?

I just have to wonder. Are you really taking it easy?
After all you do have 5 kids you have to provide for.... remember.... we talked about this before you left.

I really do want you to have fun.

And don't worry about me. I'm just cleaning out the laundry room.

Love you!

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. Oh Jennifer, I love the way you write your blog!!! I'll pray for him to be careful!