Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Horse Trouble!

Or maybe I should say troubled horse
Check out the picture below.

He is sneering at me.
We did not get along.
He bit Audrey Kate 5 times.

Look at his eyes in this picture.
He is looking at me again.

When we were bathing him for the show he tried to kick us and step on us.
One time he used his hoof to drag the hose over then he stood on it.

They wouldn't let AK go get him out of the pasture because
"sometimes he can be trouble."

Every time I came near him he would not stand still.

Once the barn manager walked by and said "He's a real pill isn't he?"

That's an understatement!

Blaze is sick so we take the horse we can get.

Blaze, please hurry up and get better!

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  1. We call that look the "Stink Eye" in our home! Have to say that I have never gotten one from a horse!?