Friday, March 2, 2012

Small steps- Huge progress- Hard work

Let's talk about Spina Bifida.

Most of you know it has taken Adam's ability to walk unassisted.
He usually uses a wheel chair because it takes so much effort for him to walk.
Truly, he uses every muscle in his body to be able to walk with a walker.

It can be exhausting.

So in the learning environment he uses his chair.

It is quick and easy.

The same is true for church or any place else we need to cover a lot of ground quickly.

So when you see these pictures of Adam working at Physical Therapy
please know that much hard work has gone into the small steps he is now able to take.

He literally works up a sweat.

Here he is learning to walk with canes but supported by a wide base.
Way more unsteady than a walker but not quite as unsteady as the crutches
It was his first progression to crutches.

He has been practicing with these for several weeks.
Here he is lifting his leg to kick off the rubber dots while trying to maintain his balance.
This was very hard for him.

Here he is trying to navigate stairs.
Again, it is extremely difficult.

I can't tell you how much I complain about running up and down the stairs at my house.
My boy is working so so hard to do something I complain about.

Adam does that for all of us.
He keeps our bad attitudes in check.

Thank you God for Adam.

Finally, after many weeks of hard work, he stands and balances on crutches.

You did it Adam!
You really wanted it, you gave it all you had and you did it!

And just to prove everyone wrong you went ahead and took your first steps with crutches!

You had Miss Lindsey and mommy in tears.

Adam, I will always celebrate the small steps you make.

They are huge!

They leave such an impact on me and those around you.

You are a gift!

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