Monday, April 9, 2012

When I grow up...

I have taken up tennis.

Actually I took it up a couple of years ago but back then I was busy with Adam's adoption and Sam was still home most of the time.

I took a couple of evening clinics and enjoyed playing with my friends.
After Adam came home I basically quit doing anything with tennis or anything else.

Now that both Sam and Adam are in school I have taken it up again
and even joined a league.

My friend Kim twisted my arm and made me do it
if the truth be told.

This is my partner Leslie.
We play line 6 of a 2.5 team.
That is the lowest level you can possibly play.

I didn't say I was good.

A few weeks ago we played a women who was 85 years old.

I am sure you are laughing hysterically now but seriously she could play.

She had been playing for 40 years and still could lob and get anything at the net that was close to her. She could not run or move fast.

I told Leslie we would never hear the end of it if we lost.

We won.

We have not heard the end of how we beat up on the 85 year old lady.

We couldn't truly win either way it went.


I want to be like her when I grow up.

Still sporting my tennis skirt and playing with people half my age.

Actually if you add Leslie's and my age together we would still not be as old as her.

She was so cute and such an inspiration.

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