Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prom 2012

I am behind the times again.

Prom was actually on the 19th of May.

C.J. and his date had a great time!


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The other day I was at W@lmart.
Adam was with me. 
He was in his chair following behind me but being a typical boy.
He was touching everything, running his chair into things and popping wheelies.

A women came up and said. That looks like fun to be in that chair.

I stopped for a moment.

First thought- "Really, it looks like fun to be in a wheel chair? Do you know he couldn't just pop out of it whenever he feels like it? That he struggles to move around. That he has spent hours working with a therapist just to take some small steps and your saying this is fun."

It was my first thought.

Thankfully not my last.

Just look at his face.

Adam is fun. He makes his life fun. He does have fun in his chair.

From Adam's point of view popping wheelies and running his chair into things is really fun.

The woman was right.

It is all in how you look at it.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

A gift!

Do you know a gift when you see it?

I do.

A precious 12 year old girl is a gift to me.

I asked her to make a serious face for me to take a picture of.

You can see that was tough for her.

You can't hide happiness.

Later in the day I snapped this one.

I love it in Black and White.

Happy Sunday!

Ni Hao Yall


Friday, May 25, 2012


The other day I got to attend a field trip with Adam and Sam.

I arrived at the school a little early so I hung out in the hall looking at all the work displayed.

That is when I ran across this beautiful piece of work.

It is a self portrait and a name poem.

For each letter of your name you had to write a word that describes you.

And this is what she wrote:

S- smrt (smart)
A-asum (awesome)
M-marvels (marvelous)
A-amazeg (amazing)
N- nis (nice)
T- trefek (terrific)
H- helpr (helper)
A- appreciative ( somehow she got this one right)

She is all those things and so much more!!!

It is hard to believe she is almost a first grader.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Note to Self-

Last night I came home from the Farmer's Market with a few green tomatoes.
I just needed to quickly fry them then my dinner was complete.

However I came home to find Chef Tell (aka Stephen) in my kitchen.

He was preparing to make fried pickles!

One of his favorites as he is a true redneck at heart.

He did not have a recipe because that is too old school.

Kids, I mean true chefs, get everything from You Tube.

Yes, he had a You Tube video explaining the whole process.

He told me not to freak out...he knew what he was doing. (red flag)

He told me he needed 8 cups of oil for frying. Yikes!

I tried to explain that a little thin pickle did not need 8 cups of oil
to cook in.

What do I know?

As he was coating the pickles with flour I had to leave.

It was time to take AK to horse back riding. 

It takes me exactly 15 minutes round trip.

So imagine my concern when I turn into our cul-de-sac to see every window and door downstairs on my home open.

I pull into the garage and find that door open too.

Deep breath. Hope for a small fire with not too much damage.

As I enter the garage I can smell the smoke.

Luckily that was all there was. Lots and lots of smoke.

Well that and a huge mess of oil and flour

And one exasperated but happy 19 year old and his plate of fried pickles.

I told him I will not be nearly as mad if I can take a picture and blog about it.

His comment: See it worked out for both of us, you get your story and I got my pickles.

Note to self: 
NEVER leave teenager home alone to fry anything.

I really wish I had taken a picture of the mess.

This was going to be my Top That Tuesday post but after the clean up I was too tired to write about it!


Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yesterday was C.J.'s 18th birthday.

We had a small celebration last night.

We have plans Friday night for a bigger celebration to include some
of his friends.

C.J. is such a sweet kid.
He is so helpful to us and is a great brother to his siblings.

He got a new laptop that he loves. 
This computer should take him through college.

Where has the time gone?

It seems such a short time ago my boys looked like this.

They are now 19 and 18.

I do wish sometimes we could go back.

But time marches on!

Happy Birthday C.J.

You will always be our Ceej!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Orphans Summit

 Two days in CA.... felt like a week
There was so much to take in, so much to learn, so much to share, so much to be thankful for.
It was so good.

There were 2000 attendees all with the same passion, all called by the same 
God according to the same scriptures.
I was at home with my people!
It has renewed my commitment to care for the fatherless child.

I was blessed to be with my friends who are also called to care for orphans and are 
doing all they can to mobilize their church.


That is the number of orphans in the world.

It will take all of us.

The church of believers outnumbers them.

If 7 % of believers took in one child there would be no more orphans.

It is a problem with a solution. 

Steven Curtis Chapman came to share his heart for the orphan.
He and his family do so much!

There were many stories shared about how having one person who cared changed lives.
These two girls were in the foster care system.
One was adopted at the age of 17 by her case worker.
The other was never adopted but considers her foster mother her family.
They said all they ever wanted was a family.

That truly is their deepest desire...

a family.

There is so much to reflect on.

There is so much we can do.

It is good to be home.

Greg and I are praying about what God might have for us.

A family at church gave their testimony of Foster Care adoption Sunday.

One thing she said was that God promises us a lamp to our feet
not a crystal ball for our future.

So we are praying for God to light the way one step at a time.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Early Mother's Day (to me)!

This morning I woke up to an  unexpected surprise.

 There was a single rose on the counter for me with a hand written note
taped to the vase.
It was from C.J. , my almost 18 year old son.

"Dear Mom. I appreciate everything you do for me and I 
wouldn't be where I am now without you.
I love you , C.J."

I'll never forget it!

Stephen, our 19 year old son got his first job and earned his first paycheck.
It is a mother's day miracle.
Okay maybe not a miracle, but for sure something we prayed for.

Last night Adam said "Mom, do you know what the best day of my life was?"

I thought for sure it would have to do with the Panthers

He said "It was when I met you in China."

I hugged him and told him it was the best day of my life too.

I just happen to be wearing the necklace I bought after I saw his face for the first time.

I told him about how before he even knew we existed I saw his face on the 
computer screen and fell in love.

I bought a necklace that said "At one glance I love you with a thousand hearts."

I told Adam how I wore that necklace believing I had seen the face of my son and that one day he would come home to us.

And he did.

The Smith boys have raised the bar high for Mother's Day.

Looking forward to what my girls have in store.

I use this blog as a family scrapbook. These are the moments I don't want to forget.

One day in the future we will look back and have a record of all those little things that touch our lives.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Orphans Summit 2012

Three or four years ago my friend Joy and I attended
in Florida.

It was the first time either of us had been and our church's ministry was just beginning.

It was so good and we learned so much about how to help our church members care for orphans.

Well, HOME Ministry has been operating since 2008 and Joy and I are finally headed back to another conference.

We leave tomorrow for Saddleback Church in CA.

This year another friend of mine, Angie is going for her church.

They are just starting an Orphans ministry at her church.

It is such a blessing to do ministry with my friends and to see the awareness of the need for orphans ministry grow!