Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Note to Self-

Last night I came home from the Farmer's Market with a few green tomatoes.
I just needed to quickly fry them then my dinner was complete.

However I came home to find Chef Tell (aka Stephen) in my kitchen.

He was preparing to make fried pickles!

One of his favorites as he is a true redneck at heart.

He did not have a recipe because that is too old school.

Kids, I mean true chefs, get everything from You Tube.

Yes, he had a You Tube video explaining the whole process.

He told me not to freak out...he knew what he was doing. (red flag)

He told me he needed 8 cups of oil for frying. Yikes!

I tried to explain that a little thin pickle did not need 8 cups of oil
to cook in.

What do I know?

As he was coating the pickles with flour I had to leave.

It was time to take AK to horse back riding. 

It takes me exactly 15 minutes round trip.

So imagine my concern when I turn into our cul-de-sac to see every window and door downstairs on my home open.

I pull into the garage and find that door open too.

Deep breath. Hope for a small fire with not too much damage.

As I enter the garage I can smell the smoke.

Luckily that was all there was. Lots and lots of smoke.

Well that and a huge mess of oil and flour

And one exasperated but happy 19 year old and his plate of fried pickles.

I told him I will not be nearly as mad if I can take a picture and blog about it.

His comment: See it worked out for both of us, you get your story and I got my pickles.

Note to self: 
NEVER leave teenager home alone to fry anything.

I really wish I had taken a picture of the mess.

This was going to be my Top That Tuesday post but after the clean up I was too tired to write about it!


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