Monday, June 18, 2012

Long time no blog!

Schools over and summer is in full swing.
I know it's in full swing because this week the kids are arguing more. 
Our first week of summer is our honeymoon period.
Everyone is just so happy to be out of school.
The kids love being with each other all the time and everything is good!

Week two...not so much.
The reality of sharing computers, games, time with mom,
and the like take hold and the arguing begins.

This will work itself out and just about the time we get the hang of being together all the time
it will be time for school to start again.

Here's how the year ended.

Samantha and Adam graduated from kindergarten.

Adam's teacher told me he was well above grade level!

I have no doubt they both are! 
They are K-m@rt smart!

The school had Field Day.

It was so much fun.

Two high school girls volunteered to be Adam's assistant.
He loved this. They helped him run the relays.

Sam's teacher had a retirement party.
Should I be concerned that both Sam and Adam's teachers are retiring 
and my kids are the only common denominator?
I'm just saying.

And here they all are on the last day of kindergarten, 6th grade,
and 11th grade.

Next year we have another senior, and another

I am sad just thinking about it!


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