Friday, July 13, 2012

A new experience

My blog has been kind of quiet this summer.
We have been enjoying a slower pace and trying to be somewhat unplugged.
 Our summer has been fun and we have some great memories of time spent with friends and family.

This however deserves to be blogged!

I found a group called Adaptive Sports and Adventures that offers adaptive water skiing.

So I signed Adam up.
He is always ready to try new things.
He has no fear!

So these four and myself headed up to Lake Norman.

It was so worth the hour plus drive.

Just as we thought, Adam LOVED it!

He is on a single ski with an outrigger.
He is in a chair but not strapped to the chair in case he tips over he will float out.

The next time we go he will ski without the outriggers and he will be able to control the ski. 
He can lean and make the ski go where he wants.
After that we will teach him to hold the rope himself.
The way he skis now is with it attached to the ski.

Then he went for a jet ski ride.

So did AK.

Thank you to all the volunteers that make this possible.
Just look at Adam's face.
He had a blast!

We celebrated by going out for Mexican food.
Mexican food is almost always part of out celebrations!

We celebrated Adam's first time water skiing and the end of C.J.'s summer school.


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