Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Captain Jack Sparrow

It's not surprising.
If you know Audrey Kate you know it's just like her.

It's just like her to want to ride a horse that is missing one eye.

His name is Cashew and he is school horse.
That means he is used for lessons at the barn.
Lesson horses are generally really good horses for children to ride.
They are safe and gentle.
However, they don't always make the best show horses.

We have not been able to lease another horse for AK since Marshmallow.

Leasing a school horse is a much cheaper option.
We were told most of the girls don't like to ride Cashew in shows because he is missing his eye.
We gave AK the choice.
Of course it doesn't bother her that he is missing an eye.

She thinks he should actually get extra points for doing all the things 
the other horses do but with one less eye.

So Saturday it was so good to hear....

"In second place is Audrey Kate Smith riding Captain Jack Sparrow"

You've got to love his show name!

Yes, that is Jesse the dog on Cashew the horse.

That is AK's version of a really great day, on her horse with her dog!


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