Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This is it!

This is it for us!
This is the last high school football season we will be a part of.

C.J. is number 85 this year.

We have enjoyed the Maverick Walk.

And finally seeing our son play.

He's been on the side lines quite a bit.
It's fair to say there are parts of his season we have not enjoyed.

But there is no feeling like seeing your child play Friday night varsity football.

We are thankful for his chance to play.

We love the orange and blue and the school spirit.

There's tailgating.

There yelling and cheering from the stands.
(there's yelling on the sidelines)

C.J. we LOVE watching you play for however many downs you are in for.

We hope you really enjoy this last year of football.

We are so proud of you no matter what.


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