Monday, October 8, 2012

It' Fall!

You know it's fall when you head to the pumpkin patch.

It felt more like winter than fall.

We had a great time.

Sammy and Adam rode the tractor.

These are the two pumpkins they chose.
They are now on my front porch.
The pumpkins not the kids.

Sammy found seven pumpkins lined up in a row and said "Look mom it's our family."
So I took a picture.
Later as I was uploading the picture to my blog I noticed the eighth pumpkin in 
the shot still attached to the vine. See it down there in the front.
Now some of you reading this will read into that. 
An eighth pumpkin still on the vine waiting to be picked, not quite ripe......
However, I'm not going there!

Back to the pictures. 
Sammy pulled her pumpkins and pushed her brother.
So sweet!

Some of Samantha's friends met us there.

The hayride was fun.

We put up all our fall decorations this weekend and opened the windows and let the cool air in.
Now Fall has officially begun!

Happy Fall!



  1. Jealous. We will, once again, celebrate Fall festivities in 90 degree weather:( Could 'ya send a little cool down here?????

  2. Read what into what. No wait...what????

  3. Honey, I wasn't talking about you. I knew you would not read anything into it! It's just a pumpkin right?