Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Are you the one?

Are you the one?
We've looked at many horses.
We are trying not to get excited

We know for sure AK likes him.

He looks good with her new leather halter with her name on it.

Jesse came out to look at him and she approved.
Actually she is so afraid of the horses she shakes and whimpers the whole time she is out there.
I think she is jealous that AK likes other animals.

This doesn't look so good and will need some work!

You are a beautiful horse.

You vetted well.

AK says yes.

The question is are you the one?


Sunday, January 27, 2013

3 years ago

January 25, 2010

Three years ago in some ways seems like the blink of an eye.

But when I think of all we have been through in those three years
it feels like you have always been mine.

I know why your nanny was crying.
You touched her just like you have touched the rest of us.

I wouldn't want to say good bye either.

I am thankful she loved you.

Adam you have always been loved.

Our first of many trips to Wal-mart
both in China and at home.

I look at these pictures of our first day together

and I realize how little we knew of each other.

But as I type this post I hear you squealing in delight as you wrestle in your room with daddy.

You and daddy are so close.

We have only been together three years. 

I love how when you talk about the day we met you reference it as the day you were born.

I am so glad God chose us to be there in Taiyuan City January 25th 2010.

You are the best gift anyone could ever receive.

Happy Gotcha Day Adam!

I tried to get this post up Friday but my computer was running slow and I was trying to beat the storm.
We drove in the ice storm to Raleigh for a wheelchair basketball game.
We did not beat the storm but all is well and he played two great games.
The things we do!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Goodbye teens! / Hello teens!

Where has the time gone?
Our sweet little baby is all grown up.

Today Stephen says goodbye to the teenage years.
There were so many changes during the time span from 13-19 years.
There will be so many more during the next decade.

Welcome to your 20's Stephen.

This will be an exciting decade. I hope and pray it holds many good things for you.

And if it isn't hard enough having one baby grow up
today another baby hits a mile stone.

Welcome to the teenage years AK!

Was it really 13 years ago you entered our life?

You are such a gift.

I know these teenage years bring many changes.
We have witnessed this first hand with your brothers.

Dad and I have one thing to say to you....

Please please please don't ever change!!!

You are perfect just as you are.

Happy Birthday to you both!

We are so blessed to be your parents.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wilson's Creek

Over break the boys found a new place to fly fish.

It's called Wilson's Creek.

They said it was beautiful and very rugged.

They said they could see huge trout.

They just didn't know the right bait to use to catch them.

That's why it's called fishing not catching.

They had a great time.

Even Pop-pop got in on the trip and loved it.

What's not to love about the beautiful NC mountains, waterfalls, and a crystal clear trout stream.

Even if it is freezing cold.


Friday, January 18, 2013

The last 4 days

I have filled this jar twice in the last 4 days.
My kids go through the largest box of goldfish you can buy in 2 days. It is currently empty waiting for me to buy the 3rd box this week.
Those boxes are $7.00 each. Yikes!

We found this cutie on Sunday heading out into a busy street. 
He had a collar on so we picked him up expecting to take him straight back to his owner.
However he had no id on him.
We took him to Petsmart to be scanned for a microchip...no microchip.
He was starting to look like a Smith.
So we had the vet check him out.
Then we made one more attempt to find the owner in the same area where we found him wandering around.
Brutus was reunited with his owner.
Only after 2 hours and $200.00 at the vet. Double yikes!

Greg returned home safe from his ski trip.
He can't walk on his knee anymore but he said it was fun while it lasted.

We tried out a new horse for AK but the vet said no more jumping for this guy!
Apparently his knees hurt too so he is now retired.
Greg, maybe you should take some advice from the horse.

Oh how I wish this was all we dealt with in the last 4 days.
There is always so much more!

This is life!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Say I won't...

Say I won't
Tell me I can't do it
Tell me that I shouldn't even try
Tell me it's impossible
Tell me the risk is too high, the challenge too much or the feat too tough
Tell me that I won't do it


The CAN do kid!

This month three years ago I started my blog.
At the time Adam was sick in a Chinese hospital all alone.
He knew he had parents coming for him.
He was just shy of 4.

Can you try to put yourself as a 4 year old in that state?

He left all he had known.
 On the very first day we met, he called me, a total stranger, mom and held his hands out for me.
He was so brave.

He embraced his new life fully with open arms.

What we did not know in those early days was that this spirit of embracing challenges head on 
was not just a one time coping to help him join a new family.

It was truly Adam's spirit.

Yes, he is special but not for what you see on the outside.

Adam, at 6 years old, does almost everything independently despite his physical limitations.
To him they are not limitations.
He figures things out.
I have never known anyone like him.

He told me last night he is the happiest person in our family.

He is right yet he has the most to overcome, the most challenges to deal with.

He is a walking, breathing lesson for the rest of us.

Oh yes he can walk with crutches.

I think he must have heard me say "We don't know if he will ever walk."

If you want him to do something...
Just tell him he can't!