Friday, January 11, 2013

Say I won't...

Say I won't
Tell me I can't do it
Tell me that I shouldn't even try
Tell me it's impossible
Tell me the risk is too high, the challenge too much or the feat too tough
Tell me that I won't do it


The CAN do kid!

This month three years ago I started my blog.
At the time Adam was sick in a Chinese hospital all alone.
He knew he had parents coming for him.
He was just shy of 4.

Can you try to put yourself as a 4 year old in that state?

He left all he had known.
 On the very first day we met, he called me, a total stranger, mom and held his hands out for me.
He was so brave.

He embraced his new life fully with open arms.

What we did not know in those early days was that this spirit of embracing challenges head on 
was not just a one time coping to help him join a new family.

It was truly Adam's spirit.

Yes, he is special but not for what you see on the outside.

Adam, at 6 years old, does almost everything independently despite his physical limitations.
To him they are not limitations.
He figures things out.
I have never known anyone like him.

He told me last night he is the happiest person in our family.

He is right yet he has the most to overcome, the most challenges to deal with.

He is a walking, breathing lesson for the rest of us.

Oh yes he can walk with crutches.

I think he must have heard me say "We don't know if he will ever walk."

If you want him to do something...
Just tell him he can't!



  1. What a beautiful post, and what a special little boy you have. God bless you all.....

  2. I love Adam's spirit! He is a true testimony of what we should all hope to be!

    He is getting so big - love to see pictures of him growing up and happy!