Friday, January 18, 2013

The last 4 days

I have filled this jar twice in the last 4 days.
My kids go through the largest box of goldfish you can buy in 2 days. It is currently empty waiting for me to buy the 3rd box this week.
Those boxes are $7.00 each. Yikes!

We found this cutie on Sunday heading out into a busy street. 
He had a collar on so we picked him up expecting to take him straight back to his owner.
However he had no id on him.
We took him to Petsmart to be scanned for a microchip.
He was starting to look like a Smith.
So we had the vet check him out.
Then we made one more attempt to find the owner in the same area where we found him wandering around.
Brutus was reunited with his owner.
Only after 2 hours and $200.00 at the vet. Double yikes!

Greg returned home safe from his ski trip.
He can't walk on his knee anymore but he said it was fun while it lasted.

We tried out a new horse for AK but the vet said no more jumping for this guy!
Apparently his knees hurt too so he is now retired.
Greg, maybe you should take some advice from the horse.

Oh how I wish this was all we dealt with in the last 4 days.
There is always so much more!

This is life!


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