Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day Three- Lot of Pictures!

Day three we headed straight to Harmony House after breakfast.

Angie with her love Wendy.

Mollie was in heaven with these two.

Patti jumped in to get some baby time too!

Anne with sweet Wendy.

Grace with baby Jane.
I am pretty sure Jane has Grace's heart in that tiny little hand of hers.

This is Billy.
He is the only cleft baby at Harmony right now.

Every time I went in the baby room these two were together. 
They were both very happy!

"The Mayor"- someone will be very blessed to call this delightful child son.

You are never too young to travel to the other side of the world to do God's work.
Grace, Bailey and Audrey Kate were exemplary examples!

Such joy, such need.
A family for her will make all the difference.
Another blessing for someone out there!!!

Jennifer has a forever family!
She will bless them!

This little one needs a family soon.
Can you see her blue lips?
She needs heart surgery.
She is absolutely beautiful.
She is a great eater.
She is shy at first but soon warms up.

Another delight to be around.

Peter is deaf but the good news is he has a forever family.
This little one is full of life and energy.
He is very smart.

This is Sarabeth helping Brian put on his new shoes.
The kids were so happy with their new shoes. Well everyone but Cliff.

Here he is so sad with his new shoes. There were colorful animals on them that scared him.
Plus he said he really just liked his old shoes.
He also is a cutie and so full of life!
He needs a forever family.

Gary has a smile on his face.
He was so happy with his new shoes.

Kari is new to HH. She is sweet and quiet.
She needs a forever family.

This is a picture of the nannies as we were presenting the gifts to them.
Some have hardened hearts towards Christians. 
We prayed that we would witness with our lives and love we showed to them.

They fed us dinner and invited us in to learn how to make dumplings.
The women in the black t-shirt was there when Adam was. When she found out I was his mom she got very excited and started asking many questions about him. 
I sat down at the table with her and showed her pictures of Adam. 
I told her all about how he was doing.
She knew specific things like his hips being out of joint and asked about it.
I later found out that she had taken Adam as a son while he was at Harmony House and often slept in the same bed with him. This is a common practice to sleep with your children in China.
We shared a special connection and when it was time to leave she grabbed me and hugged me and cried.
I promised to bring Adam back for a visit the next time I come.

The Harmony House Staff including Linda who runs the US Operations in CA and Mama Tina.
Linda is amazing. She never stopped and kept up with us the whole time. 
I think she said she was in her 70's.
We were on 6 airplanes in 9 days going from early morning until late night. 
I want to be like that when I am in my 70's!

The next stop...



Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day Two

We were all up and ready early on day two. 
We were anxious to get to the reason we had come...
the children!

We had learned the night before that Timothy had passed away.

He had hydrocephalus and had developed an infection that took his life.
We were so sad.

We also learned that Lily was sick and in the hospital.

We asked to go see her before we headed out to Langfang.

So we loaded in the van and headed to the hospital in Beijing to see this beautiful little girl.

We took turns loving her.

She has a bacterial meningitis.

We laid hands on her right there with the doctors nurses and other families in the room.

I had the most special privilege of praying over her.

I thanked God for her life and asked him to heal her.

I thanked Him that He allowed our group to know about her.

I prayed for a forever family for her.

Here she is with her name sake Lily, director of Harmony House.

We headed to Langfang. I loved being in the place Adam spent so much time.

We had hot pot for lunch.

It was very authentic.

Hot pot is not my favorite.

Then at last we were in Harmony House!
This is me with my name sake little Jennifer.
I found out in China that she was indeed named after me.
They had my city listed on the website as Fayetteville instead of Charlotte.
I have never had a child named after me before so she is special to me.
She also has a family coming for her.

We had to get a picture of the lovely slippers the nannies made us wear.

This little boy stole my heart. I can still see his face in my mind as he was looking into my eyes.
It seems he is not a favorite of the nannies. I think maybe they were just scared to pick him up because of his shunts. He recently had surgery. They did not want me to pick him up either. 
But there he is in my arms.
I am a rule breaker.
Especially when the rule makes no sense at all.
He is our sponsor baby so I could not wait to love on him.

Here Angie is loving on Christy, named after Christy from CA who was on our trip.
She is adorable and is looking for a forever family.

And sweet Blossom with her crown and necklace Jessica brought for her.
She is a sweet heart. Sarabeth and Blossom bonded and Sarabeth had her laughing like crazy.
I know one of us took their picture together but I can't find mine.

Here is little Linda with her name sake Linda from CA. 
She is sharing a book that little Linda's forever family sent to her.
She is being adopted soon.
In the corner is Patti with her new love Kirsten.

This is Gary with Anne.
Gary is deaf and mute.
There is so much going on inside Gary that he just can't express. 
He is almost 14 and we learned while in China that he may have a family.
Please pray that this will work out for him.
He was so sweet!

He loved the Carolina Panther's shirt I brought for him.
He also loved the crafts.

He also really really loved Miss Kim.
He used sign language to ask if Kim was his.
He thought Kim might be his forever mother.
Gary will be so happy when he learns it is finally his turn for a forever family.

Jennifer was so quiet and gentle.
She will be such a blessing to her new family.

This little guy is so new to Harmony House that he does not have a name.
They have been calling him Stinker but our group named him "The Mayor".
He was tiny but holding court with who ever would listen.
He talked 90 miles an hour.
All of it in Mandarin so we had no idea what he was saying but that did not slow him down.
He was adorable and needs a forever family.

This is Brian. He has down syndrome.
He was super sweet but would get into your bag when you weren't looking. Jessica's jewelry went missing and she found her wedding band in the puzzles.
We were told to take our jewelry off because some of the kids might take it.
The next day Brian also took Angie's purse that had her passports in it.
She discovered it missing at lunch.
She left lunch and went back to HH and found it!
Thank goodness.

We ended the day taking the kids from HH to dinner at KFC.

They were so happy and excited.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day One

We arrived in China Sunday afternoon February 17th. 
It is almost 24 hours of travel to get to China.
Our first full day, Monday, was a day to acclimate to the time change and to see and fall in love with China. You cannot take a group to China and not take them to see the Great Wall and other treasures of China.
Also, I did not realize this before but being out and doing some touring helped my group fall in love with the people and culture. I now realize this was a vital part of the trip and vital for ongoing ministry to the Chinese people. I will keep this part of the trip for any future groups I might take with me.

Here are my bible study girls on the Great Wall together.

We were all rock stars on the Great Wall and frequently were asked to pose for photos.
This man is very happy to have a picture with Jessica.

Angie, my dear friend helped me lead this trip.
I could not have done it without her. She has led other groups to the Dominican Republic.
I learned so much leading a trip like this.
I can't wait to do it again.

This was our whole group from Charlotte. 
We had two other ladies join us from California, Christy and Linda.
They were wonderful too. 
I will share about them in a later post.

The true rock stars were the girls and especially Grace!
At first they loved the attention and could hardly walk 10 feet without stopping for a photo.
Then it got old and the mamas had to step in... No more photos!

This is Mama Tina as the girls called her.
She is 26 and from Clemson. She speaks fluent Chinese and lives in China.
She also loves Harmony House and spends most of her free time there teaching the deaf children sign language . She also teaches all the children English.
We love her! We were so glad she was there for our trip.

Me and my girl on the GW.


Kim and I have know each other since 1987.
We have been friends since I was 18. She has supported me through both of my adoptions.
(She was also there when we had our first born 20 years ago.)
Now God has allowed us to travel to China together. 
Standing on the Great Wall and serving at Harmony together is a highlight of my life.

We really ate authentically while we were there.
For the most part everyone loved it.
Mollie was our most adventurous eater. 
She would have eaten from street vendors if I had allowed her to. 
She got the "Squid on a Stick" award for being most likely to eat anything!

We had a brief visit to Tienanmen Square.

These little twins were so cute. 
It was crowded due to Chinese New Year festivities still going on.

Kim took this great shot of Mao and a guard.

Chinese babies are so cute!

We ended day one with the excitement of heading to Langfang the next morning to do what we really came to do...
Love on the kids at Harmony House!

More to come.