Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day One

We arrived in China Sunday afternoon February 17th. 
It is almost 24 hours of travel to get to China.
Our first full day, Monday, was a day to acclimate to the time change and to see and fall in love with China. You cannot take a group to China and not take them to see the Great Wall and other treasures of China.
Also, I did not realize this before but being out and doing some touring helped my group fall in love with the people and culture. I now realize this was a vital part of the trip and vital for ongoing ministry to the Chinese people. I will keep this part of the trip for any future groups I might take with me.

Here are my bible study girls on the Great Wall together.

We were all rock stars on the Great Wall and frequently were asked to pose for photos.
This man is very happy to have a picture with Jessica.

Angie, my dear friend helped me lead this trip.
I could not have done it without her. She has led other groups to the Dominican Republic.
I learned so much leading a trip like this.
I can't wait to do it again.

This was our whole group from Charlotte. 
We had two other ladies join us from California, Christy and Linda.
They were wonderful too. 
I will share about them in a later post.

The true rock stars were the girls and especially Grace!
At first they loved the attention and could hardly walk 10 feet without stopping for a photo.
Then it got old and the mamas had to step in... No more photos!

This is Mama Tina as the girls called her.
She is 26 and from Clemson. She speaks fluent Chinese and lives in China.
She also loves Harmony House and spends most of her free time there teaching the deaf children sign language . She also teaches all the children English.
We love her! We were so glad she was there for our trip.

Me and my girl on the GW.


Kim and I have know each other since 1987.
We have been friends since I was 18. She has supported me through both of my adoptions.
(She was also there when we had our first born 20 years ago.)
Now God has allowed us to travel to China together. 
Standing on the Great Wall and serving at Harmony together is a highlight of my life.

We really ate authentically while we were there.
For the most part everyone loved it.
Mollie was our most adventurous eater. 
She would have eaten from street vendors if I had allowed her to. 
She got the "Squid on a Stick" award for being most likely to eat anything!

We had a brief visit to Tienanmen Square.

These little twins were so cute. 
It was crowded due to Chinese New Year festivities still going on.

Kim took this great shot of Mao and a guard.

Chinese babies are so cute!

We ended day one with the excitement of heading to Langfang the next morning to do what we really came to do...
Love on the kids at Harmony House!

More to come.


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