Tuesday, February 5, 2013

He's the one!

Saturday was girls day!
Greg was at a tournament with Adam in Birmingham AL
so the girls and I set out for the day.
We had lots to do.

Our first stop was for waffles.

Then we headed to the barn to see this handsome guy.

Yes, he is the one!

He is AK's new horse.

She now calls him Maverick.

Greg claimed naming rights.

We thought it was only fair.

So his show name is...

Better Than Boys

So typical of Daddy!

AK does not care what we call him. 

She is happy to call him hers.

After she rode we headed to the tack shop, lunch, Target, Party City, an antiques store, 
and finally home!

We had a great time on girls only day!

Check out this post HERE.  My friend Sarabeth sent it to me.

 It answers the "Why".


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