Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My girl

See my cute little freckle face girl.

Well she is growing up right before my eyes.

Let me tell you a little bit about her.

She is confident.

I see it in her school work.

I see it in her relationships.

I see it when she cares for a 1200 pound animal.

I see it in her spirit. Like when she did not even hesitate in saying yes to
going to the other side of the world with me to care for orphans.

I read it in her thoughts she had written on a piece of paper.
I found these words in her handwriting "I am confident I will go to heaven. I accept that my Savior has saved me by grace."

That's right girl. 

Going to work with orphans is a command. 

James 1:27

But it won't get you into heaven.

She knows where to put her confidence.

And now, Lord willing, we will go and serve together...

...Me and my beautiful daughter.

God is so good.

We leave in 3 days.



  1. I was just thinking about you the other day and remembered you were going on a mission trip soon! So happy for you to share God's word and carry through wonderful blessings to others, I'm sure! Safe travels, Jennifer!! Please post on the blog if you can!! P.S. Gorgeous photo:)

  2. What a special experience for both mom and daughter!! My youngest daughter went to an orphanage in China about a year and a half ago. I'm planning to go this year. We both share a passion for orphans. It would have been wonderful if we had been able to go together, as you and your daughter did! I've seen the photos of your China trip posted this past looks like both of you had an amazing time with the children!