Monday, February 4, 2013

Scenes from Christmas 2012

Better late than never.

At least I will have recorded our memories.

Here are some of my favorites from Christmas.

Jesse in her jingle bell collar, looking cute.

My dad loving the gift we gave him.

It is the same gift we always give him.

Gift cards to his favorite store.

Sarah and Charlie

My sister and her family during their visit to our house.

Greg and I on Christmas Eve/

No Christmas is complete without some Duck Dynasty gifts...
no redneck Christmas anyway!

The whole gang. Folks we may need a bigger staircase.

The Fab Five on Christmas Eve.
Oh and Jesse too.

Jesse getting into her stocking.

The Christmas PJ's picture attempt.

The boys in their new coats Santa brought.

Sam loving her microphone. She sang and sang and sang to us Christmas Day.
Then she became a comedian
She looked up some knock knock jokes online and then she was on a roll.

I love the joy on their faces in these last two pictures. 

Oh I wish I could bottle their joy and excitement.

It was a wonderful Christmas 2012.


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