Sunday, February 24, 2013



The girls visited the Terra Cotta Warriors today.

Jenny reported that it was incredible, and that most of the tomb is still unearthed.

Is that Maverick?

More horses.  I know AK is loving that.

The farmer who first found the Terra Cotta Warriors some 40 years ago was on site while the girls were there.  He would not have his picture taken with any Americans, so Lily stepped in.

They have been geo-caching while in China, and they followed the clues to see what they could find.

Sure enough, they found it!  The young girls are hooked.

Xian at night.

Jenny and AK having fun at the Muslim Market in Xian.

The girls have left Xian and had one more day with some of the Harmony House kids in Beijing and then back home.  Please pray for their safe return.


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