Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day FIve- Terra Cotta Warriors

 Day five started out right where we left off the night before, with our hunt for children's shoes.

We ended up at two different shoe stores but these moms were determined to deliver new shoes to the precious children at Egg Granny's

AK and I in front of the supplies our group purchased.

Here we are fitting shoes on a little girl.
I am only posting this because her face is not seen.

I wish I could show you more.
The kids were thrilled with their new shoes.

One little girl with Downs Syndrome kept running back in forth in her new light up shoes.

The joy on her face was priceless.

We had met earlier in the  morning to discuss the situation at Egg Granny's.

We talked about all that was right and how Egg Granny has such a good heart.

We talked about all that was wrong and how this needed to be a legal foster home.

How the children needed to be documented and given a chance to be adopted.

We talked about the future and the ill health of her husband and what would happen if she took ill.

All of these things were then discussed with Egg Granny.

She seemed open to the idea of getting an apartment near hers, hiring some nannies and making what she is doing fully legal.

It is what is best for the kids.

I look forward to seeing how things progress.

When our time with Egg Granny was done we hugged them all tight, promised to keep them in our prayers and then said goodbye.

Our next stop... The Terra Cotta Warriors.

Here the girls pose with their famous "peace and pucker face".
Every picture we took of them always had two poses, one serious and one "peace and pucker".
That is what you get with 12 and 13 year old girls.
They were so much fun on the trip and brought a fresh and fun perspective.

I had so much fun with Anne! 
She is great to travel with and we share the same heart when it comes to the kids!
It is a blessing to have her as my friend.

Such a touristy thing to do!

This is the farmer that discovered the soldiers. He is in his eighties.
He went to dig a well in his village and instead unearthed the 8th wonder of the world.

His village was then moved so archaeologists could get to work.

Later that night we headed to the Muslim Market.
It is really just an open air market and places to eat and many street vendors.

It was fun to be out. I did not see any other Americans out that night.

Again we ate authentically in a restaurant that said the words "Spleen Appetizer"
on the door. We really did not want to eat there but we were tired and Lily promised it would be good.
This restaurant had its own cat that came out of the kitchen at one point while we were dining.
Well, Lily was right it was good. We had so much fun while we were there.

This picture of the Terra Cotta soldiers is a great analogy of the work Harmony House does.

These soldiers were made by hand for a purpose.

When found they were in pieces.

If not for the work of those dedicated they would have remained in pieces.

Instead they have been loving restored to the treasure they are.

Just like the orphans lives touched by the wonderful work of Harmony Outreach!


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  1. So glad you were able to find shoes for all the children. I will be praying for Egg Granny and the children she works so hard to care for...praying your 'ideas' to her become a reality very soon.