Friday, March 1, 2013

Day Four- Xian

Day four started out bright and early.
We had to have bags packed and ready to load in the van at 5:00 am.
We had an hour drive back to Beijing then we had an 8:30 flight to Xian.


We said goodbye to Mama Tina at the airport.

Then Air China delivered us safely to Xian.

 Xian is a beautiful city.

During the 13th dynasty it was the capital city.
This is the Bell Tower. There is a wall that surrounds the city.
It has remained an old China city unlike Beijing which is much more modern.

We had 15 minutes when we got to the hotel to drop our bags and get down to the hotel restaurant for lunch.

After lunch we loaded up in the van and headed to Egg Granny's house.

I am not allowed to post pictures of Egg Granny or the kids.

It is for their safety.

I can tell you what we did.
Egg Granny got her name from raising chickens and selling the eggs.
At one time she had over 5,000 chickens.
She is a third generation Christian.
She takes abandoned children into her home and raises them as her own.
She has had over 40 children.
There were 9 children, Egg Granny, her husband, sister, niece and niece's husband in the small two bed one bath apartment when we arrived.

There were two Down Syndrome children, one blind girl, one child with scoliosis, and other special needs children in the home.

None of the children are documented at all.
No birth certificates no nothing!

This is not a legal foster home so the Civil Affairs Bureau has repeatedly taken some children and put them in government run orphanages.

This has upset her as some of the children died while in the orphanage.

Her heart is good but part of our mission was to determine what could be done.

After the initial interview our group met to discuss what could be done.

We were going back the next day to present Egg Granny with our ideas.

Patti and Angie measured all the kids for new shoes. 
We were told their current shoes came from a trash can.
We knew if nothing else we would come back the next day with new shoes and supplies!

That night we went on a wild goose chase to find a Walmart. 
It was late. 
We had been up since 4:00 am.

We were exhausted.

After searching forever on foot, we had let our driver go for the day, we found the Walmart.

We think Lily asked for directions 57 times!

We bought the supplies but not shoes.
We were just too tired.

We knew we would not go back without new shoes but it would have to wait until the morning.


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  1. Such an amazing account of your day! Can't wait to read how your return visit to Egg Granny was!!